Page last updated: 04/02/2017

San Diego Association of Public Safety Dispatchers
Employment Information
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San Diego County Public Safety Communications Jobs
University of San Diego Department of Public Safety
- Public Safety Dispatcher (closes 03/31/2017)

Heartland Communications Facility Authority

- Fire Communications Dispatcher

Chula Vista Police Department
- Police Dispatcher (closes 04/03/2017)


California Highway Patrol
- Public Safety Dispatcher

San Diego County Sheriff's Department
- Emergency Services Dispatcher (entry level and lateral)

San Diego State University Police Department
- Police Dispatcher

San Diego Police Department
- Dispatcher I, Dispatcher II, Police Dispatcher


National City Police Department
- Police Dispatcher (closes 06/05/2017)

Submitting Job Listing Information
If you'd like to submit public safety communications employment information, we will post it on our site for free.  To submit information, send e-mail to with a link to the agency's website listing the employment information.

If you do not have a website link, send an e-mail and include as much of the following as possible:

  • Title of position and agency

  • Duties

  • Requirements

  • How to apply

  • Salary

  • Closing date (if any)


The San Diego Association of Public Safety Dispatchers makes every effort to ensure all information and links are correct and up to date, but is not responsible for missing, incorrect, or outdated information. 

The Association urges all those seeking employment information to independently verify all information with each public safety agency.

Click here for information on submitting job listing information.